On this web page you can view Lite Motive videos, find some information about them and about the songs in those videos. Some of the videos are official videos and some of them are live recordings.

Lite Motive - Prema novom

The song „Prema novom“ written by Ivan Franasović is Lite Motive's second official single. If the band could describe the song in two words, it would be „positive“ and „optimistic“. They say „it inspires you to leave everything that is making you feel fettered and unhappy, it encourages you to make decisions, to take a leap into the new and unknown sea of possibilities.“ The author of the video, Toni Mijač managed to recreate such atmosphere and give that feeling its visual identity. Make - up artist for this video, as for all the other videos, was once again Ana Benzon, and for the „styling in red“ the band hired young designers from Split, „Dott“ and „Little wonder“.

Lite Motive - I dalje sanjam

The song „I dalje sanjam“ and its video is Lite Motive's first official single and their first official video under the label „Croatia Records“. The author of the song is Damir Kljaković Šantić and the author of the video is Toni Mijač, produced by Kino Klub Split. Together with the band members who appear in the video (the singer Ana Opačak in the lead role, the guitarist Dušan Mitić, the drummer Jadran Vilović and the bassist Roko Bandalo), the dancers Duje, Domagoj and Luka, there are also round forty extras who were so kind as to volunteer for this interesting project filmed in one take. The location used for the filming of the video is a tunnel under the stands of the Poljud football stadium.

Lite Motive - Moja presuda

The first time ever that the band performed at the Split festival was in 2008 with the song „Moja presuda“. Later on, the song was covered and recorded by the famous Klapa Cambi. The author of the song is Matko Šimac, whereas the music arrangement was made by Dušan Mitić. Marnel Tomić is the author of the video which was the second one he did for Lite Motive. It stars the cast of the band at that time: the singer Ana Opačak and the guitarists Dušan Mitić and Ilija Utrobičić. The locations used for the making of this music video were the interior of the Ghetto club and the roof terrace of a skyscraper in Split.

Lite Motive - Hladna kisa

The song „Hladna kiša“ („Cold rain“) from the album „San“ („The dream“) is one of the few songs written for Lite Motive by Damir Kljaković Šantić (also the author of their first official single „I dalje sanjam“). Both the song and the official video for the song were recorded in 2008. It was the first video that Lite Motive have recorded. An interesting fact is that some parts of the filming locations do not exist anymore so the video could be viewed as some sort of a documentary. It refers to the parts of the video that show the abandoned ruins and the rusty iron constructions of what used to be an industrial plant near Split. Soon after the filming was finished, the plant was torn down entirely. The author of the video is Marnel Tomić, and the two characters who appear in the video are the singer Ana Opačak and the guitarist Dušan Mitić.


Vila Dalmacija E5 (Split)
26.06.2024. Starting at 19:00

G1 (Seget Vranjic)
06.07.2024. Starting at 18:00

Vlaka/Sveti Klement S2 (Hvar)
12.07.2024. Starting at 17:00

D2 (Ciovo)
06.09.2024. Starting at 18:00

Villa Dalmatia S5 (Split)
15.09.2024. Starting at 19:00